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Which formatter software should I use for formatting my SD/SDHC/SDXC card on a PC/MAC?

Please use the SD Memory Card Formatter from the SD Card Association or an appropriate PC application e.g. SD host devices that provide SD security function.


How to handle a flash memory card:
  • Never force a flash card into an electronic device. It will go in only one way and should slide into the respective slot easily. 
  • Keep flash cards away from extreme ranges of temperature and humidity; keep them out of direct sunlight. 
  • Keep flash cards away from electrostatic sources and magnetic fields. 
  • Do not bend them or drop them. 
  • Do not eject the cards or turn off any device when data is being transferred to the card. 
  • Be aware of remaining battery power on hand-held devices so that data are not lost if the battery finally runs out. 
How do I handle a flash memory card?

Flash memory cards are sturdy, rugged, and durable but they are not completely indestructible and an element of care must still be undertaken to protect them and the data they hold.  

What Does Class Mean?

When purchasing memory cards, consumers are typically faced with the challeng of determining what class of card they need. Memory card class comes down to 2 basic components, speed and application.

The speed rate specifications for memory cards were established based on the needs of movie and video companies. Video recording requires certain writing speeds when recording the data onto an SD card.

Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for SD Cards as defined by the SD Association. The SD Association establishes specifications that rate the minimum data transfer in SD and SDHC memory cards and host products.
Certain speeds then correlate to the applications for which a card is used. Generally, manufacturers suggest a card type and class based on the types of files an electronic device uses and/or creates.

Under former SD specification 2.0, the highest speed class rating was Class 6.
However, under the recently released SD specification, a new higher speed class was created (Class 10) for operation under High Speed Mode in newer devices.  The Verbatim Premium line of SDHC Cards which were rated Class 6 under the former spec are now rated Class 10 under the new spec, ensuring the highest level of performance available in the market.

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